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Lindy Asimus

You present a false choice. It isn't really an either/or situation.

Courtesy is fine and the politeness of which you speak is a little like a compliment. Some people are really bad at accepting compliments no matter whether the compliment is given sincerely or as a matter of form.

Either way, it is a good habit to cultivate to accept a compliment or a social nicety, as though heartfelt.

You can even do that for something that might be given more sarcastically than politely.

What we do with it, and how we interpret the message is entirely up to us. It suits me to just accept it as a good thing.

(Even more so if it was not intended that way! ;-) haha)

Worthington Evans

The ‘weak smile’ is narcissism and the ‘bristling’ is the realization that a ‘warm’ welcome from someone who probably wouldn’t recognize you tomorrow is by necessity virtually meaningless. Understanding that the interaction only had any value for its brief duration compounds this.
Authentic interaction is a psychological human need, something we must have to be complete healthy beings. Modern industrial society has traded a large portion of this for material, financial and status gains. Fake or insincere welcomes, no matter how convincing are just more marketing in an already saturated environment. It reduces the amount of authentic interaction which is already in short supply. It can only add to the cynicism. But at least in this brief period where the planet still has the resource to feed our material wants we can go out and buy stuff to fill the void.


I always felt sorry for the poor bastards wondering up and down the ilses smiling and asking "tea"? trying to look happy.
I'm with Bill Hicks on this - anyone in marketing should just go kill themselves - theyre a dead weight on society.

Of course you're jaded - it's shoved in your face everywhere you go - the fuckers who want to sell you stuff have even hi-jacked the few remaining nice bits about dealing with other pepole.


Well I found this on Digg, and I like it so I dugg it!

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